5 Ways Women In Technology Can Continue to Advance in the Field

Sophia Yang, Ph.D.
6 min readMar 14, 2022

In celebration of International Women’s Month, I wanted to share my thoughts on being a female data scientist in the tech sphere. I have been in tech for four years, and I am currently a Senior Data Scientist at Anaconda. With this year’s International Women’s Day theme being #BreakTheBias, I am excited to stand against gender bias, discrimination, and stereotyping in tech. I’m sharing my experiences, hoping they will resonate with and provide perspective for other women looking to grow in their careers. According to BuiltIn, 66% of women [in tech] report that there is no clear path forward for them in their current roles. Additionally, 39% of women view gender bias as a primary reason for not being promoted. While many companies make a conscious effort to help women break into technical roles and bridge the gender gap, there is more we should be doing.

1. Find Role Models

Especially in male-dominated fields, having female role models is extremely important. Research shows that role models inspire women to be more ambitious and aim higher within their fields. Ask yourself: is there someone on your team or someone you know who you look up to, admire, want to learn from, and be more like? I have several female role models who I met through work and conferences. I observe how they work, communicate, and lead. I attend speaking sessions they are a part of, and I am motivated by their passion for what they do. A role model should be someone you aspire to be like and who can offer advice for your career.

Sometimes, it can be hard to find a role model or mentor, especially if you’re early in your career. A great way to start is through networking at in-person and virtual events and getting to know people who have roles and traits you admire. If you’re a student, career centers and professors can often help connect you with recent graduates as a starting place to meet professional role models. From my experience as a woman in tech, it is beneficial to have someone as a confidant who can help you navigate salary conversations, work performance, biases, and more.

2. Connect With People

Finding mentors and growing in your tech career begins with connecting with others. I like attending conferences…